About Me

I started to like photography after given an old Olympus camera, the OM-2. After my first roll of film taking photo of a friend wedding, the new habit was addictive. I spent more and more to pay for this new hobby, just to take anything. Beautiful Bali landscape, people around me and for sure the endless colorful Balinese ceremony. With the existence of digital camera, I can spend less but I can take more pictures.
Along those years, I met many photographers from many part of the world who visits my island and assisting them to make photographs in or about Bali. Somehow my interaction with them helps me to expand my skill and knowledge about photography. It is not just about technical skill how to use the camera but more important are how to see things with the light around it and get the feel that come from its.
Since few years ago, I have been making money out of this photography hobby, but for me it is still a hobby then a job. I will try to keep it that way.  By keeping as a hobby, I will keep enjoying it. As I am enjoying it then I can see things with better feeling.
So, If you like how I see things through my pictures, you may consider trusting me to capture your valuable moment and get the feel from it in an artistic way.




  • Yulia

    Hello! We are spending our honeymoon in Bali in September. No wedding, just a photoshoot on the beach in a weddress… How much will it cost?